Lee Hale was a stand-up comedian and event host with a diverse background in performing.  His style can be best described as observational and story telling when it comes to the stand-up comedy section.  Lee's outgoing personality allows him to be one of the best fits for almost any type of event.  His work as the emcee for the West Virginia Power allowed him to become comfortable in front of crowd's as big as thousands of people, and his experience in small rooms, allows him to be able to converse with the smallest of specialized groups.

theatrical beginnings

Starting at West Virginia Tech's theater, Lee really got into being in front of crowds.  He started building sets and directing shows, then moved into on stage performances, where he had small roles and starring roles over the next four years.  He carried that into performing for a few years in a bunch of Kanawha Players shows, and had a few small roles, either on the cast or as a crew member for the Charleston Light Opera Guild and other groups.

stand-up and IMPROV career

Lee started doing stand-up at a few local open mic nights in the Charleston, West Virginia, area.  He quickly began to wonder if maybe people just laughed because they knew him or if he was really funny enough to pursue this on a more professional level.  Lee tried his first true bit at the Funny Bone in Huntington on their open mic contest.  After he won that show once, he decided to try doing a little bit more.

Over the years Lee has expanded to doing stand-up as an opener, headliner, and everything in between.  He has performed at Charleston's Clay Center, the Civic Center Little Theater, Timothy's, Fireside Bar and Lounge, among others.  When he gets out of Charleston, he has performed at country clubs (shout out to the folks in Lewisburg's Elk's Country Club, you guys are awesome), the MAC Theater in Morgantown, multiple venues in Huntington. He’s also done shows out of town in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. He has done shows at high schools, community centers and every type of place you can think of.

While growing as a stand-up comedian, Lee spent 5 years as a part of West Virginia's well known improv group, the No Pants Players.  He opened as a stand-up at first, then became a performer, eventually settling in as the host for the improv troupe for the final year or so.  Blending improv ideas into each stand-up performance ensures that every Lee Hale show is slightly different.


To put it simply, Lee has energy.  A ton of it.  He's not on cocaine.  That's been asked many times through the years, but he's is most likely on a sugar high from sweet tea that boosts his energy to levels so that he can be very animated, unless he breaks out a few of his personas, such as Andy Frampton’s favorite, Sad Lee. Wait, he never did that, but he does have some stories for you, regardless.

For information for booking Lee, please email leeh@leehalecomedy.com and ask for more information.