Overall Weight Loss Strategy

As I've gotten fatter and fatter, I've been reading all kinds of health strategies and diet plans and workout plans.  Combining my knowledge of this stuff from my past, knowing how out of shape I am, and knowing how likely I am to stick with extreme changes, I'm going to do my own thing while incorporating what I think are great aspects of a lot of the things I've read.

The weight loss program I'm taking place in is through Healthy Wage, which is essentially a gambling site for healthy stuff instead of sports and card games.  I'm betting on myself to lose 40 pounds over 6 months.  I started and weighed in (more on that later) at 276.8 pounds.  My goal is to be 236.8 pounds by December 12th.  That's especially tough, because my birthday is right before then and, you know, Thanksgiving is the best meal ever every year.

I'm going to attempt to phase in different weight loss goals based on what I'm seeing in my habits as time progresses.  For example, if I set one of my goals as drink more water and one of my later goals was going to be drink less sweet tea (because it's really the best thing to drink in the world), maybe I won't have to have that goal later because drinking more water made me drink less and less naturally.  I'm going to break this thing into 2 week periods.  The first period started yesterday and the goal is to be more active.  That sounds broad, but I'm going to expand on that in a later post.  All I know is I'm going to be putting my downtown Orlando YMCA membership to work for the next 6 months!



Weight Loss Goal

Let me start this thing off with a short run down of how I got here...a few years ago I stopped playing in rec leagues all the time, becoming less active. Between that, working in an office setting, and eating whatever I feel like all the time, I've gone from about 220 pounds 4 years ago to my pants not fitting.

Last week, I discovered the web site Healthy Wage. Essentially, you are betting on yourself to lose weight for an extended period of time. In my case, I pay a set amount monthly for 6 months and if I lose as much or more pounds than I bet I would, I get my money back plus an additional 35%.

The first thing to do was figure out where I wanted to be in order to set my goal.  I felt like I was around 280 pounds (I'm 6'-6", just for reference). I would like to be under 240 for the start of 2019.  I always heard that 2 pounds per week was a high, bu doable, goal. Since I decided to do a 6 month run at this thing, that would be 26 weeks. The 26 weeks with a 40 pound goal means I need to be losing a little over a pound and a half per week.

I'm going to try to post my strategy, which is subject to change as I move throughout the process and update everybody on how it's going. I'm going to focus on a new strategy every two weeks, and once I complete the first one, I continue doing that and add the second one and so on. I will be posting a lot on Twitter and may even get into this Instagram thing.  Here's where you can find additional, and shorter, updates.





Clothing Shopping

As my waistline expands, the need to purchase new clothing is becoming more and more important.  There are all kinds of rules that I'm aware of, and tons I am sure I am not aware of, when it comes to fashion.  For example, don't mix brown and black.  There are exceptions, but whatever.  The traditional rules seem insane to me.  Here are my rules for shopping:

1. Read the tag.  If it says dry clean only or lay flat to dry, it's not worth it.  Tumble dry low is fine, just so long as everything can be thrown in the washing machine and transferred to the dryer without having to sort, then it's all good.  On another note, lay flat to dry shouldn't be a thing.

2. The less buttons the better.  I have to wear work clothes that require buttons on shirts, so I'll deal with that, but there's a simple work around...only unbutton the top two buttons and just slide it on like a tee shirt.  Button flies are a thing for pants these days, but not for me.

3. Shoes are made to walk in.  If I feel like I can't outrun an average person in the grocery store, then why bother?  Remember, in the event of an emergency, you don't have to be the fastest, you just have to not be the slowest.  What if there is a snake?  I need to be able to run.

4. Impulse buys are the best.  Who cares what will go with that shirt?  Jeans will.  Jeans work with everything.

There is my guide to shopping for clothing.




Swervers, you know, those people that swerve through busy traffic.  If you're one of them, you suck.



Easing Back In

Hey everybody!  Welcome back to Lee Hale Comedy, or more specifically, my personal blog.  I'm going to start easing my way back into comedy through my blog and social media.  I'll eventually perform live again down here in Orlando, but finding time to perform while discovering all the magic Orlando and Disney have to offer (of course I got my annual pass to Disney, it's a requirement for Orlando) is next to impossible.

It's been a year away, and internet approval and trolling has been lacking in my life.  I'm really excited to start this stuff up again!



Lee Hale Comedy Has Moved

Hey everybody, it's been a while.  It will probably be a while before you hear from me again, but don't worry.  I'm not quitting comedy.  I just have a ton of things in the works, including relocating to Orlando, Florida.  It will take me a few months to get my comedic bearings back and get settled in down here, but no worries.  I'll have jokes coming before 2017 is over!



New Start, Hopefully

I wrote last fall that I was going to have a new beginning in comedy (and life), to a degree.  Phase 1 was to cut the fat out a little.  I left two things I loved doing, improv with the No Pants Players and recording my old radio show Laugh Appalachia.  Once that was done, I wanted to get rested up and recharged.

That step took a little longer than I thought.  I figured I would take the Christmas holidays and relax on a long vacation.  That went well, but I was still tired when I came back.  I decided I needed to continue to get my energy back by resting a little longer.  Well, here we are almost 4 months after my sabbatical began and I finally feel like it's time to get back to comedy!  I've been lackadaisically writing, but it's time to kick that back into gear.

Comedy isn't the only area I needed to upgrade.  I got fat last year.  Too much doing things that weren't active, eating whatever I want, and way too much stress.  I'm hitting the reset button.  I went to bed super early last night and got up early this morning, got in a light workout, ate a filling breakfast, and have had a great morning of work.

Throughout this process, I'm going to use my blog as a journal of sorts.  So, I won't be sharing a lot of the stuff I write through social media and advertising like I do when I'm promoting a show, but be sure to come back to my site for more updates with how things are going.  Since this is my comedy blog, I'm going to focus on the comedy/work/life balance.  People talk about work/life balance like it's the key to a happy hippy-dippy life, but the life of being a comedian that isn't a complete professional yet, which is what I amsince I have a day job, can have a grind to it.



Sports Review Febuary 13, 2017 Edition

Each week, I am going to look at three or four pro sports topics.  Here is the first post of the Lee Hale Comedy Sports Review, February 13th edition.

Russell Westbrook

This will be a topic I will probably beat to death over the next few months.  Russell Westbrook is the NBA MVP at this point.  The all-star game voting was downright shameful.  The fan vote needs to either be eliminated, or you need to pass a test to prove you aren’t too stupid to choose all stars.  I would propose a similar test for voting in actual government elections, but that’s another post for another group of people.

Back in 2012, I argued that Mike Trout should have been MLB MVP over Miguel Cabrera, but Miggy won the triple crown.  You can’t give a player the MVP over a triple crown winner, no matter what he does, in spite of Trout being comparable at the plate and was way better in the field and circling the bases.  This argument is essentially the same.  You can’t give the MVP to anybody else if a player is currently averaging a triple-double.  I’m aware his efficiency is lower than you’d like, and he does turn the ball over a lot, but willing a team to the playoffs like he currently is the definition of value.

Let’s put some perspective on it.  LeBron James is the best player in the world.  He’s given that value, in spite of not having the explosiveness he used to, largely because he has the ability to score, rebound, and pass the ball.  This has made his one of the greatest ever.  And in his career, he has 47 triple-doubles.  Westbrook has 26 this year.  That is absurd, and there’s no argument that anybody else should be the MVP.

Until he drops below having a triple-double, there’s not an argument that can convince me that he shouldn’t be.  If he does drop below that mark, then I will start considering somebody like Kawhi Leonard, who is only 1.24 behind in ESPN’s Hollinger stats in PER, but has a usage rate of 29.3 compared to Westbrook’s 42.5.  Although, having a usage rate of 42.5 is astounding by itself.  There should be an Ironman Award for that himself.

NFL Draft

The NFL Draft season is starting.  Let’s be honest, here’s your chance to keep football going when they aren’t playing on Sundays.  College fans love it because they get to see all kinds of news about their favorite players, and pro fans love it because it gives you optimism that your team is going to beat the Patriots for the Super Bowl next year.

I won’t spend much time on this topic this week, but for right now, it’s seems like every year there is either a huge debate between two or three players who are going to go number 1, or there’s talk about the depth of the draft.  This year is a depth year.  It looks like nobody is going to be able to compete with Myles Garrett.  The main question involving the top end of this draft is, will Cleveland draft him, or will they trade that gold mine that comes with a first overall pick for the long list of things they could get in return.  Neither of the main quarterbacks available via a trade are worth the first overall pick straight up, but could Dallas trade Romo, along with a ton of picks, or could the Patriots trade a ton of resources towards Cleveland with Garoppolo for it?  I think Cleveland hangs on to the first pick and trades their 12th pick with New England for Garappolo, given Romo’s age and inability to stay healthy.  That’s just my opinion.

Catchers and Pitcher Reporting

Ah, baseball nerds, it’s time to pop those baseball boners and get excited.  Pitchers and catchers start reporting over the next week or so…which means we are about 2 months away from meaningful baseball.  I only pay attention to spring training so I can play in my fantasy baseball league, which I only use to pass the time until fantasy football starts in the fall.

A few things to look for this spring that I’m excited about:

  1. Which Byron Buxton shows up this spring, the legendary level prospect that has flashed potential or the offensively inept player who hit .193 over his first 63 games in the big leagues last year?  I hope he’s the superstar I waited on in my league for over a year before releasing him and watching him tear it up when he came back to the majors.

  2. Consensus number 1 prospect, Andrew Benintendi, is still hoping to break through in Boston this year.  Players like him make spring training awesome.  I consider spring training AAAA baseball, and that’s what I watch it for.  I have no intention of watching Mike Trout or Clayton Kershaw play in the spring, just wait until it counts for them.  I know how amazing they are.  Let me see Benintendi.

  3. Matt Wieters is still a free agent.  How?  He’s not the awesome catcher he once was, but he’s still better than quite a few of the MLB starters.  Who gets him on the cheap for this year will be one happy team.

  4. One an almost personal note, I’ll be watching my two top keepers in fantasy baseball, Giancarlo Stanton and Bryce Harper, hoping they stay healthy for the season.  That’s how I managed to get both of them.  If they stay on the field the entire year, I’ll be able to keep up with just about anybody on the home runs front, but those two definitely know how to get hurt.  I hope they aren’t.

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think.  You can tweet at me about how stupid you think I am at commenting on sports @hale_lee.  Now, each and every one of you have a great week.  Unless you’re a terrible human being, then I hope your week sucks.