Voices of Appalachia online radio station is having a "reboot" of sorts.  The radio station has been streaming for a while looping through countless hours of Appalachian based music.  The station is launching a bunch of new shows for everybody's entertainment!  For more information about the radio station, click here for a news article about it.

You may be wondering, "Why is this news on Lee's web page?"  It's news because one of the shows is the Lee and Tiff Comedy Hour.  It will be airing on Friday Nights at 9:00pm and you will be able to listen to the show after it has streamed live.  There's also the possibility it could end up on iTunes for free once some kinks are worked out.  The premier is going to be basically just Tiffany and myself talking back and forth and introducing ourselves to you lovely people.  However, the future of the show promises to be very entertaining.  We will be hosting local comedians and public figures on our show and just having a good ole time.  Be sure to tune in a give us a listen!