People often ask me when I will consider going to comedy as profession full time.  My answer is different than most comedians because I'm in a different situation for comedy, but I feel like my situation is a good one for a comedian starting out.  See, I have a good career that I have no intentions of giving up (I'm an environmental engineer) even when I'm a full time comedian.  My thoughts are, when the comedy career makes me more money than my current profession, then I will consider focusing more on the comedy than the engineering.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving comedy a half-assed attempt, I'm just budgeting time more wisely.

People also ask me if I've made it as a comedian...that's a loaded question.  Am I a good local comedian?  I consider it so.  I don't look at big picture as fair as that's concerned.  Do you consider making it as in you're doing comedy full time?  You could be doing that but going broke and performing to small crowds all the time.  Do you consider it made when you've had a Comedy Central Special?  (I'm waiting on a call, Comedy Central, send a scout to Charleston for my next show!)  I like to set small goals and focus on show to show stuff.  My current goal is to be able to sell out a bar in Charleston, which I've come very close to doing (I put 96 people in a place with 100 person capacity).  My next goal would be to start traveling and being able to make fans all over the state or region, no need to limit myself to just West Virginia.  After that, maybe I look to get a chance to do a bit on Jimmy Fallon or Conan O'Brien or any of the late night talk shows, they all would be a huge opportunity for me.  If you want, tweet at them and tell them they need to have me on.  Anyways, no real point to this entry, just my thoughts.