"Many a true word is spoken in jest." Geoffrey Chaucer is often credited as the first person to say this.  He introduced it in The Cook's Tale around 1390.  Shakespeare essentially said the same thing in 1605 as a part of King Lear.  He stated, "Jesters do oft prove prophets."

You go to a local comedy show, and unfortunately, somebody who has no clue what they are talking about starts off their 5 minute bit in the bar with the phrase, "You know what's wrong with America?"  And then the tell you what they think is wrong with America.  It usually has to do with "Them-there liberals takin' our guns from us," or "Those tree huggin' hippies just don't get it."  Little do they know, they are still wrong.  However, I would like to implore all of you to go watch a republican or democratic presidential elect speak.  Watch a debate. Watch them dodge bullets so as to garner votes and be really scared about real issues.  They will talk about budget this and budget that.

Now I want you to go watch John Oliver on Last Week Tonight.  I was a huge Jon Stewart fan and am truly saddened to see him leave television, but hey, they guy has embarrassed CNN, FOX, and MSNBC for long enough.  He broke down politics in an entertaining way, sure, but he wasn't going for votes.  He wasn't scared to offend or wasn't offering up ridiculous propaganda.  Stephen Colbert is great as well.  He's a great entertainer and his character on the Colbert Report was awesome, but really he was a character taking sides and making ridiculous claims that were hilarious.  I loved the Colbert Report and love the new Late Show with him as the host.

But John Oliver is doing it differently.  He really breaks down the truth on stories.  His bit on televangelists was spot on.  They are doing nothing but preying on the weak in this world and taking their money for jets and houses and whatever they choose to have.  They aren't there for religion.  Also, if you don't understand the difference between preying and praying, please look it up before you comment.  He talks about the refuge crisis in Syria right now, and his numbers and stats are awesome.  He also calls out FOX news for their blatant racism and using old YouTube footage to make a point.  And their point is absurd.  I would've never known without his show.

John Oliver isn't the only one.  Look up Jim Jeffries talking about gun control.  I'm not for gun control, but he makes valid points.  Look up anything George Carlin said, the man was on point.  Comedians are hilarious at times, sure, but a really good comedian hits with the truth.  And the comedians aren't chasing votes.  Most comedians aren't worried about offending you.  It takes a great deal of research to do this kind of humor.  Most comedians starting out have fulltime jobs and don't have time to do hard hitting bits, so you don't get this hard hitting style of comedy at your local open mic.  However, you offer a spot like John Oliver's to any comedian out there, and if they say they wouldn't take it, then they are most likely full of it.  A show like his is the new gold standard for comedy.  On a side note, Amy Schumer is hilarious as well, and she doesn't venture into this kind of humor at all.  I guess at that point it's just personal preference.