The Fireside Bar and Lounge Standup Comedy Contest wrapped up Friday...and it was amazing.  First, the lineup: Angela Davis, Robbie Sherrard, Andy Frampton, and Ian Nolte.  These four made this a show to remember.  It was such a fun crowd and they all had a great performance.

Before I get into more of this, I need to give a shout out to Carrie for helping us set this awesome show up and taking care of everybody behind the bar.  Fireside makes for a fun venue to perform and the atmosphere was awesome.  Also, special note to Michael Stone, for helping us out and sponsoring the show so the winner had a little more money to take home.  Also, thanks for judging everybody who judged.  Especially Kami, Brandon, and Brook for judging all three shows!  They did a great job!

As most of you are aware, we did the contest over 3 shows.  The first two shows had 8 contestants each, with the top two advancing.  Ian and Angela dominated the first show, despite solid performances from all the comedians.  Andy and Morgan actually won the second one, but Morgan came down with some sickness and she couldn't speak the day of the show, so the 5th place performer got to take her place.

And that's where Robbie came in.  Robbie won the contest by coming in first place on 4 of the 5 judges scorecards in the finale.  All four scores were close, but Robbie won with an impressive 456 points (out of 500).  He absolutely killed.  He took home the trophy and prizes.

Robbie also has the option of coming back to do a full headlining show at Fireside this winter.  I will be talking to him about that.

Because of the success, we will be hosting another contest next year.  I will be sure to post details and everything.  With everything we learned from this one, next years will be bigger and better!  The only tough part is going to be topping the comedians that performed this year.  Seriously, can't thank you all enough.  The only issue is, it looks like so much fun, I want to compete, but alas, I'll have to settle with getting to perform for the crowds these guys are bringing out without the added pressure of being scored.

Anyways, until next time, thanks everybody who was involved with this show!  Also, Eric, and everybody else, I'll be posting about the next one and setting it up potentially months in advance.  Be on the lookout!