Hey guys, I've joined the Periscope world.  I'm not going to do a ton of videos, but I do plan on allowing for some fun viewing.  For example, on Thursday nights, occasionally I'll be showing some of the games we practice at the No Pants Players workshop.  Something else I'll be trying to do is live broadcasting my show from the Alpine Theater in Ripley this Saturday.  This won't be as much fun as coming because I won't be airing the other two thirds of the Tall Boys Comedy Tour, but I will be showing my part along with some possible questions and answers following the show.  It all depends on who is watching!

I hope to hear from you all this weekend.  Also, some of you may not know what Periscope is.  It's basically a live video that works with Twitter so you can just tune in and watch me once it's up.  Vickie, I know you probably have a million questions, but please ask somebody to set up Twitter and the whole nine yards.  Also, relatives back home, you will need a twitter account and a smart phone.  This thing only works on Apple and Android operating systems, as far as I know.  Show starts at 8:00, and I'll probably start the live feed about 8:30.