NFL Season is now 8 weeks old.  Craziness is everywhere!  Unfortunately, the craziness isn't just reserved for on the field.  NFLFF (National Football League Facebook Fans) keep posting all these insightful posts about football...wait, no, NFLFF keep posting really the same ten posts over and over again.  Here's my list of the most common NFL posts:

1. We are totally going to win the Superbowl!  (Yes, you've had a good start to the season.  Fun fact for you, chances are you aren't.  Your favorite team has a 3.125% chance, technically speaking, to start the season.  How about you celebrate the wins they've had so far instead of predicting the future...except for Detroit and Tennessee fans.  In your case, celebrate that win you had.)

2. My quarterback is the best in the NFL!  Did you see that throw?  (Unless your team possesses Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, you can't make that claim right now.  Funny thing about the talent level in the NFL, if almost any quarterback is given a clean pocket to throw from, he can make that throw).

3. When we play our game, nobody can beat us!  (This is almost never true, because here's the thing.  Consistency matters.  Yes, when the worst team in the NFL plays it's best game and the best team in the NFL has it's worst game, then they can win that game.  It's not like college where the number one team could play really awful and beat anybody outside of the top 25 on any given Saturday.  The NFL has talent on every team.)

4. This quarterback actually isn't any good, because of advanced metrics.  (I get it, you love numbers.  Good for you.  Matt Schaub has a better career quarterback rating than Dan Marino.  What was that about numbers again?  And before you start, I understand QB Rating isn't really an advanced metric, but I want everybody to understand this instead trying to blow smoke up their ass like you do with your numbers that only tell a little of the story.)

5. This quarterback is amazing because he wins.  (You're so right.  The other ten guys on the field with him had nothing to do with that.)

6. Our running back is really great, he just doesn't have an offensive line.  (Thanks Trent Richardson supporters everywhere.  Look, you can have a good running back that can't produce because of the line, but a great running back can overcome that.  Don't think so?  How many yards did Barry Sanders have?)

7. They totally cheated! (Here's looking at you, Jet's fans.  The Patriots are just better.  Quit whining).

8.  We would've won if he hadn't thrown that interception.  (Yes, you probably would have.  You probably also would have won if you hadn't missed that tackle in the third quarter, or dropped that pass in the second drive, or any other number of plays that occur over the last 130 plays or so.  Stop blaming one person because everybody could have played better somewhere.)

9. We lost, but at least the team I hate lost.  (I'm guilty of this one.  I love seeing my team win, but I also enjoy seeing any number of the top 3 or 4 teams I can't stand lose.  Still, the post is petty.  We're all idiots.)

10. You weren't a quarterback in the NFL, so you don't know any more than I do.  (I hate this argument.  Chances are you don't know as much as some people do, and using that argument just proves that you're out of football related arguments to make.  Honestly, if you do know that much about football, you probably aren't arguing about it on Facebook, you are planning for the next game.)