I got to spend some time in a hotel bar last night. You know what's awesome about hotel bars? Everything.

The big advantage is when you travel alone, you get to drink with complete strangers for a few hours and tell whatever stories you want. Unfortunately, I stuck to the truth (for the most part). However, I'm fully aware I missed a prime opportunity to be a traveling uranium miner searching the hills of northern West Virginia for radioactive pockets in the mountains. I could have went on and on about my adventures mining uranium in Russia. Those radioactive bears that migrated from Chernobyl to the vast lands I was in because they are part bear, part deformed freak. The ones that have two heads are the scariest shit you'll ever see. There are also the rainbow colored lions that have been around the uranium too much and flow in the dark. Their farts  smell like candy canes...

but, oh well. I guess you win some and you lose some.