We were recently informed that the Lee and Tiff Comedy Hour is the number 1 downloaded show on Voices of Appalachia Online Radio!  I'd like to give a huge shout-out to Tiff, first and foremost.  She's my number on partner in crime for this show.  Jay is our newest kind of permanent guest.  Lawrence is the backbone and the man behind the scenes, and sometimes in the scenes, that makes us go.  Eric, thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this show and all the work you do around there for us!

I've had some fun guests, included the guys from the Charleston Comedy Podcast, thanks Brandon and Sam!  My fellow Tall Boys Comedy Tour guys, Andy and Jacob, came on for an episode (click to listen here) and then back for another episode (click here).  We've had a few other people so far, and I love doing this show.  With all that being said, go check us out!  I hope you guys keep on listening!