The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has added over 1,700 words for this year.  This list includes the words jeggings, WTF, NSFW, photobomb, and meme.  I understand adding photobomb and meme.  Jeggings is a stretch.  Doesn't everybody want them to just die?  Also, WTF and NSFW aren't words!  The are acronyms for What The Fuck and Not Safe For Work...which, by the way (btw for teenagers everywhere) by spelling out WTF, this post just became NSFW.  For more colloquial terms for you old timers out there, put NSFW in an email that contains racist jokes or naked women.  That keeps people from opening them at their work computer and avoids a long speech from the human resources department.  Thanks Obama, or in this case, thanks Kardashians is probably more accurate.  Although Obama does have Twitter nowCheck out the other words added as posted by Time magazine here.