I travel occasionally for work and one of the worst parts of travel is having to find places to eat. You would think, oh, he travels and gets to find new foods. It's not that great. I normally travel to places out in the middle of nowhere West Virginia where deer and McDonalds are more prevalent than decent restaurants.  Getting a greasy burger and service that makes me think of service the grumpy lunch lady gave me in school is the norm. 

However, here I am in Pensboro, West Virginia on a quick lunch break. I can here yesterday as well. I'll continue to come back as long as I am in the area. Walked in yesterday, was greeted with a friendly smile and seated almost immediately. Most small town dinners will give you friendly service, then you get decent food an hour later...not here. it's quick and delicious. I've only had the Memphis burger (a hamburger with BBQ on it), and it was awesome. Today's special was a pasta shell stuffed with deliciousness and a red sauce and it's sweet. Not literally, but it's really good. I've never even looked at the menu, the specials sound so good! So of you're driving through Pennsboro, not sure why you would, but hey, this place is freaking awesome.

Doesn't expect a food critic post on a comedy site did you? That's what happens when I have time to myself and a Web site to edit.