I am an engineer by day.  I study a lot of different things, and living in West Virginia, something that is brought up every day is the process called, hydraulic fracturing, aka "Fracking."  Everybody seems to have an opinion on it, and here's the problem.  Everybody is wrong.

The Environmental Protection Agency just released a 1,000+ page document researching the topic and there are two headlines I keep seeing spread on Facebook.  And both are direct quotes from the EPA document...

Quote #1 "We did not find evidence that these mechanisms have led to widespread, systematic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States."

Quote #2 "We found specific instances where one or more of these mechanisms led to impacts on drinking water resources, including contamination of drinking water wells."

Quote #1 is typically associated with a comment reading about like this "See.  You green dumbass hippies don't know what you're talking about.  Fracking don't hurt nothing." ~Gun-toting (and proud of it), self-proclaimed redneck who doesn't understand grammar or science, while having a short temper with those stupid hippies that just love earth and don't think about real life stuff and things (yes, that's a Rick Grimes quote).

Quote #2 comes with a comment that reads more like this "the uneducated don't understand the morality that comes with infringing on our rights as a people.  This is a philosophical conundrum that your average person can't comprehend." ~ Arrogant, self-absorbed hipster, who considers themselves academically superior, and really, just overall better, than the people who don't get it and are narrow minded racists and bigots.  Guns hurt people, and so do republicans, because, whatever, I have to take a picture with this awesome antique camera (aka, a piece of shit that is difficult to get to focus).

Here's the bottom line.  I'm a negative person, so to all those on the against it side, here's for you.  There are a lot of issues with treating the liquid used during the process, and when it's not treated properly and is being discharged, it is getting into groundwater sources and causing health concerns.  For the people who support it, the underground part of it is essentially safe.  The liquids aren't escaping from the underground processes and seeping up into groundwater resources.  The short of it?  Don't let some idiot who isn't building well designed processes and systems for treating the water on the surface anywhere near your property or water source and you should be fine.  However, to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, will you stop beating around the bush, and when you find somebody who's not properly treating the surface water, don't just slap on the wrist with a fine.  Fine them enough money that it shuts their business down and cripples their company.  Keep it simple, if you play by the rules, you should be fine, if you don't, be ready to pay a ton of money and go to jail.

I still haven't read the whole document, because that will take a long time, but I've looked at a large portion of it.  Next up, let's point out why Republicans and Democrats are ruining the United States.