There's so much anger in the United States right now.  And there is one specific offender to American happiness that I think needs to be addressed.  Yes, let's address the elephant in the room, and the elephant today is a Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck.

Nothing against Dodge, because F-150 and Chevy 1500 drivers are just as likely to offend this rule.  Lot's of people have to overcompensate for their lack of personality and intelligence by purchasing large trucks.  I'm not talking about the country boys who do things in the woods and use every bit of that four wheel drive, or the construction workers hauling thousands of pounds of materials to keep building this country.  I'm talking about the douche-bag who lives in a big house, works in an office, and parks his oversized truck in his garage to keep it spotless and looking good.  The country boys and the construction workers know how to drive these trucks, because they have to, in order to use them.  These pretty boys in pick-ups (can we start a #prettyboysinpickups and post pictures of their terrible parking on social media?) never learned how to park because they think they don't need to worry about those little lines in a parking lot.

These people made me sick.  I go to Subway for lunch a lot of the time, and there's only three parking spots right in front, but today, there were, in effect, only two.  The car parked on the far left, no issue with that.  A Jeep Grand Cherokee parked in the middle of the painted lines, and in alignment with the lines, leaving enough space to get their passengers out and for the driver of the next spot over to get in and out of their vehicle.  However, the douche-nozzle next to him decided he was going to park, not only over the lines, but at about a 30 degree angle from being aligned with them.  I will now refer to this angle (the one measured between the truck and the painted lines on the parking lot), as the "Angle of Dipshitivity".

Let's define this word" The Angle of Dipshitivity is the angle measured between the painted line in a parking lot and the alignment of the wheels of a motor vehicle, thus, providing people with a way to prejudge the amount of assholishness in this person's demeanor.

Back to the Subway incident, there he sat, with a Angle of Dipshitivity of 30 degrees, allowing the whole world to know that they should either hate him, or go ahead and forgive his ignorance because he's obviously too stupid to realize that those lines were painted there to allow society to function by shortening walks and allow for quicker access and overall contribute to the efficiency of the business that is there.  I forgot my phone, and this depressed me, because, this truck, with his "Trump for President" and parking job pretty much sums up all I need to know about this person.

For examples of bad parking jobs, click the links below:

At least the truck was red so his stupidity really stood out.

This illiterate who doesn't know what compact means.

Don't worry truck owners, vans do it too.

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And sport cars (this picture proves you can be rich and a moron).