Being an adult and getting into my late 20's, I decided it's about time I should find a family doctor again.  Boy was that a mistake.  She was very kind and to the point, but let me translate what she told me.  Stop eating corndogs and hotdogs every day at the ball park and stay away from fast food you fat asshole.  Again, not her words, but that's how I took it.

I'm going to be trying to cut back on sweet tea and everything now!  This won't become a diet blog, but since I post about pretty much whatever I feel like here (that's what happens when you pay for a web site and it has your name in it, it's kind of fun), I'll be talking about my diet.  I've gained about 50 pounds in the last year, and I'd like to get back to being under 210 pounds.  I'm going to use this space to complain...a lot.  I'm going to miss Wendy's triple decker burger (the number 3 with a baked potato side is ballin') and corndogs from the West Virginia Power concession stands, again, so damn good.  I can still have them occasionally, but the toughest part, the biggest problem I'm going to have is sweet tea.

Sweet tea has been my best friend for a long time now.  It's always been there for helping to wake me up after hangovers, it goes great with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It was easier for me to lose a little weight in Columbus while I lived there because those northern jerkoffs don't serve sweet tea everywhere, so I just drank water.  I'm going to try to only drink sweet tea cut in half with unsweet tea.  This will be hell and I will be grouchy for a while.  I'm sure my posts will reflect that.