America loves it's food, based on the results of obesity studies, maybe a little too much.  I come from the state of West Virginia, also known as, the third fattest state in the country.  We love to eat here, and also know that this list gets skewed a little, because this is based on mostly West Virginians.  I left Pepperoni rolls off the list, because, well, when the rest of the world discovers them, the world will change as a whole.  Until then, I talked to people and considered that scream 'Murica.

10. Pizza - One of the top items in American college kids' survival kits.  You can get some really weird pizzas today. In Philadelphia you can get pizza with ice cream on top...way to ruin everything awesome, Philly!  New York and Chicago can show you how it's done, though.

9. French Fries - this is an absolute travesty.  Too bad the Freedom Fries thing didn't catch on.  French actually come from Belgium. I'm not a history major, so I don't know if that's good or bad that our standard side dish came from Belgium instead of France.

8. Hotdogs - Baseball parks and cookouts across the country love this processed deliciousness.  You can get anything from chili and onions with coleslaw and mustard to just with ketchup for children who don't have developed taste buds yet.  The most common ingredients in hotdogs are "meat trimmings."  Mmm, pork buttholes never tasted so good.

7. Funnel Cakes - Go to a state fair and not see a funnel cake vendor every 22.4 feet.  Put some powdered sugar on it and enjoy.  While we are here...see number 6.

6. Deep fried everything - We will put almost anything in a deep friar.  Go to Buffalo Wild Wings, have some awesome deep fried pickles, then go check out the state fair again and find some deep fried Oreos for desert.  Then die of a massive heart attack.

5. BBQ Ribs - the Carolinas say they know how this goes.  It may be the manliest thing you can eat.

4. Philly Cheesesteak - Ok, you can make up for the ice cream pizza disgusting mess you created with this awesome treat.  Next time you have on, throw a little A1 and banana peppers on it and thank me later.

3. Steak - Just throw a steak on the grill and enjoy for Fourth of July.  Rich people hamburger meat, aka beef, is a staple in fine dining.  As it should be.  Ground beef wouldn't be a thing if the whole world was rich.

2. Corndogs - Hotdogs sweeter cousin.  A true corndog combines two other items on this list...Hotdogs and freedom, I mean, deep frying.

And the number 1 American food?

1. Hamburgers - Go to any of the major fast food restaurants and see what the number one combo is.  Ignore Subway, that's not fast food, that's an assembly line!  The burger goes with America like red, white, blue, and the pledging of allegiance to the flag.

Honorable mentions, Sweet tea (mainly because I think it's the best thing ever created), Krispy Kreme donuts, apple pie, the BLT, shrimp and grits, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a root beer float.

Have any suggestions or complaints?  Leave me a message in the comments below!