It's primary election time.  The headlines are dominated by Trump, Sanders, Carson, Fiorina, Clinton, and so on and so forth.  They are all debating how to fix America.  Oh no, Obama has ruined things.  Hardly!  People forget sometimes that we aren't just a political body, we are actually a country, with over 300 million people!  The average person here weighs about 180 pounds.  We have over 54 billion pounds of person.  Why do we have 54 billion pounds of person?  Some would say it's because we are lazy and don't get enough exercise and eat foods that are terrible for us.  I would say, they're probably right, but instead, let's look at some of the things that are "wrong" with America, in a positive light.

Obesity - Yeah, we have health problems and whatnot, but you know what else we have.  Hamburgers for a dollar.  Hamburgers with hotdogs on them (thanks Hardee's).  Funnel cakes, milkshakes, t-bone steaks, frosted flakes, and all those 'akes.'

Economy - Yeah. the economy is crashing and we are in a deficit.  The unemployment rate is 5.10 percent right now.  But, that means 94.90 percent of us have a job!  Shitty and wanting to move to a different job, maybe, but you are employed.

Healthcare - What happens when you get sick.  You go to the doctor.  You may have bills and issues coming from that, but you know what's worse than dealing with medical bills?  Being dead.  We have hospitals around every corner with a nurse and a doctor and a staff ready to make you better and get you on your way!

Illegal immigrants - No matter how you look at it, these guys think it's better here that where ever they live.  That has to count for something!

Sex Equality - Men make more money than women.  Unlike other places, at least here you can fight this fight without getting beheaded or stoned to death.  That's a plus, right?

All in all, even if you hate the current or one of the candidates for the future president, it's still really not that bad here.  What I'm trying to say is, stop feeling sorry for yourself, you're still an American.  I have no clue what brought this rant on, but I just felt like it, and because it's America, for $192 dollars a year, I can have my own web site to say whatever the hell I want.