Owner 1 - The Clueless Guy - Kickers are important for a coach, I'll take one in the third round.

Owner 2 - The Annoying Girl - I totally know more about football than any of the boys, except for my boyfriend who talked me into joining this league.  He played at Downtown High School.  Oh, I'm up to draft.  I'll take Reggie Bush first round.  He's cute.

Owner 3 - Drunk Guy - It's time for fantasy football!  Let's have a beer.  I'll buy the first round...and the second...and the third...why's nobody else drinking. 

Owner 4 - I Wanted Him Guy - You really reached for Aaron Rodgers, I was already writing his name down.  Damn it.  I hate you.

Owner 5 - The Actually Knows Football Girl - I came here with as much cleavage hanging out to distract the boys from thinking about my sleeper pick for round 7.

Owner 6 - Former Jock - This is the guy to break out this year.  He's a great Wide Receiver.  I don't care that he doesn't have a QB to throw to him, he's awesome.  Too good not to pick.

Owner 7 - Jobless Nerd - The draft analysis shows that he is statistically probable to gain 1,871.354691182 yards from scrimmage this year.  He'll be the first pick on the Harry Pothead Wizards.

Owner 8 - The Huge Fan - I'll take Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Jimmy Graham, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Luke Wilson, Richard Sherman, Pete Carroll, the Seattle Space Needle, and Shawn Kemp.

Owner 9 - Fill-in - Let's face it, your league was short a guy, so you needed somebody to fill in that last slot.  He is like the clueless guy, but only the league manager knows him and he awkwardly sits and laughs way too hard at some jokes.

Owner 10 - The Preseason Champ - Proclaims "That's the pick that is going to win it all for me!" after...every...single...pick.

Unfortunately, let's be honest, the Jobless Nerd is going to take the trophy home this year.

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