You've heard of him.  He ventures through the night and appears when you least expect him.  He peers into your soul and tells you things you never knew people had even thought about.  He's the most terrifying creature this side of the Mississippi.

Ok, he's not.  He's just a regular guy with really funny thoughts.  His name is Robbie Sherrard and he's hilarious.  He's mostly well known for his YouTube Channel, which has, like, millions of views.  (That's actually not exaggeration, this one has 1.7 million by itself And now, you can see his hilarious stand-up comedy show at Fireside Bar and Lounge on the East End of Charleston, WV.  It's above Little India, for those of you who have missed all of the awesome comedy that has been there over the past year.  He also won the really famous Charleston Comedy Contest that was held at Fireside last year.  Now he's performing as a headliner!  Robbie's videos have been featured on Buzzfeed, CollegeHumor, E! Online, Cosmopolitan, and more!

The show will also feature two of my personal favorite comedians, Nate Cesco and Jacob Hall. It's sure to be a great evening for all in attendance.  Plus, the price can't be beaten!  There's no charge for admission!  I look forward to seeing you all there!