Tonight's show was a big success.  I say because of this.  We had about 80 people come out to see Nate, Jacob, and Robbie.  The crowd was kind of a quiet crowd.  Not saying that's a bad thing.  Sometimes it is, but after talking to people after the show, everybody thought it was hilarious and were looking forward to the next stand-up show.  They had a great time.  That's why I do this.

See, I've bounced around and done some different things.  I like to be able to plan my own events though.  Luckily, I have made a partnership with Fireside Bar and Lounge in Charleston, and about once a month, they actually give me money to bring laughter to people.  It's shocking, right?  Here's the thing, I had some friends ask me tonight, what do you make from these show?  Why do you do them?  I'm going to be honest with you here.

The money isn't enough to make the shows worth while in the sense of a straight up business.  If I were depending on comedy to pay the bills for me, a years worth of comedy show probably wouldn't cover two months worth of rent. car payments, or student loans.  Actually, what I usually do is take the money I get from booking a show and pass it on to the performers I book.  What I enjoy is seeing people having a great time, and that's what Fireside is.  It's a great time, about once a month, on a Friday night.  They also allow me to keep it free.  Sure, I could go to another bar, not take any pay, charge a cover, hope people show up and make a little more money, but that's not what it is about.  It is about looking at the bar and seeing the 80 people that were packed into this bar having a blast.  Cari was doing a great job behind the bar, keeping people's cups full and they were hanging on every story the comedians had to tell.

As most of you know, I also do the No Pants Players improv.  I'm part of that group.  We occasionally get paid a little, and again, not nearly enough to cover bills.  There, I get to be on the other side of the performance.  Instead of just booking and taking care of the stuff, I get to be on stage, making people laugh.  It's one of the greatest feelings in the world.  I have a dream that one day I willbe able to do a lot more than just pay the bills by being a comedian.  That would be amazing.  The jackpot, or the ultimate dream of being a comedian to me would be becoming a late night TV host.  The odds are very very long and I realize that's probably not going to happen, but being a happily engaged man working as an engineer is a pretty sweet life, so I'm going to keep doing that and if bigger and better things come along, I'll just be a happily married man who is making people life and having a great time.

Well, it's about 1:00am after another successful Fireside comedy show, and I'm just babbling here, but these are my thoughts.  I hope everybody who came out tonight, whether is be bartenders, performers, or fans, had a great time and I look forward to seeing you at the next show!

P.S. I literally just watched my cat take a shit and am having to smell that, so not everything is perfect.  Thanks, cat.