Andy Frampton and myself will be doing a presidential debate that will be covering more policy that personal attacks (maybe).  Tuesday night, the Blue Parrot, on Capitol Street in Charleston.  The time is to be announced.  Some of the topics we may or may not be debating include:

Beer or Whiskey.

Designated Hitter or No.

Marvel or DC.

Best Sitcom Ever.

These, among other answers, are important questions to ask yourself who you will be voting for.  Since I'm only 29, consider this my kickoff for the 2024 Presidential Election.  Looking for a third party to support?  The West Virginia Comedian Party is definitely a better party than Democrats or Republicans.  We will also conclude the night by allowing "Town Hall Debate" style questions to be asked from the audience.  So, come out and join us and get your voice heard!  Be loud, be proud, and Vote WVCP!