People often associate winning the lottery, at least in my region of the country, with it actually being a bad thing.  The most common thing you hear is "they're always bankrupt in a few years," or, "they lose all their friends and family because of it."  Sadly, because of some examples of mismanagement and stupidity, that happens here a lot.

However, when I read that twenty people who work in a metal manufacturing plant won, I was really happy.  They have spent $120 a week on the lottery for years, and they seemed like they play the lottery for the same reason I do (albeit, I spend a lot let less).  They played for the hope of winning, and it gave them something to day-dream about, but never actually expected to win.  Blue collar people winning and having the money split between 20 families?  Awesome, I say.  I'm excited for them.  Way to go Tennessee 20!  Congratulations on the luck.  Enjoy the money.