When Trevor Noah took over for Jon Stewart, I knew he had a rough trek again of him.  I was personally critical of him, because let's be honest, you replace a legend, you're going to be judged against that legend.  It's the Steve Young/Joe Montana thing.

I haven't been the biggest Trevor Noah fan because I've only seen the YouTube clips, watched a few episodes here and there and nothing resonated with me.  He wasn't bad.  He just wasn't Jon Stewart.  Who, for all his hilarious antics (keep in mind he's a comedian at heart), actually made some great points over the years.  Then the interview happened with Tomi Lahren.

Check out an article with the interview embedded here.

This is a game changer.  First off, I am about as little of a fan of hers as I can be.  She just spouts anger and hate about things that get people riled up.  Her show is the video version of Facebook click bait.  Noah then proceeds to very calmly and is obviously informed about her show.  He controlled this interview, saying what needed to be said, as she dodged question after question to keep the narrative about her attention seeking comments.  She hates Hillary, but honestly, that's one of Hillary Clinton's biggest talents.  Hillary can dodge a question or carefully word an answer with the best of them.  It's what a career politician needs to be able to do to stay a popular career politician.

However, to use her words against her, Trevor called her on her shit.  It's that simple.  I'll remember this interview as the moment I became a Trevor Noah fan.