I was going to a local gas station in order to fulfill my addiction for sweet tea with my lunch.  So, I pulled into the parking lot.  The back of a truck sitting there that had a camper shell on it, this maroon Ford Ranger, about a 2010 model, had a sticker of an automatic rifle covering almost the entire thing.  In each corner were Confederate flag stickers.  Above the rifle, written in sticker, were the words, Guns Don't Change Governments, Bullets Do.  I can't make this up.

First off, I'm pretty sure covering the back window of your vehicle with that many images is illegal.  Secondly, covering the back of your vehicle with that much ignorance sure should be.

The rifle...I have less of a problem with a picture of a gun that I do of the other parts.  I support having and owning guns.  Hunting is enjoyable to some people and necessary for some to feed their families, although that last part is becoming less and less true every year.  Even just having guns that you enjoy shooting and going out target shooting and so forth, that's fine.  The gun part is not important, that's not what I'm here to discuss.

The Confederate flag stickers...WE LEFT THE CONFEDERACY AND WON THE WAR!  It would be like somebody in Germany flying a Nazi flag.  They're both racist, don't belong, and aren't the government that controls, or ever did, the state of West Virginia.  West Virginia was literally formed to leave the Confederacy.  What's funny is a lot of people who fly or have Confederate flags are offended by flag burning.  I hate flag burning as well.  It should never happen...except for those Confederate flags.  Flying a flag of a group that we went to war with should be just as offensive.  If you want to scream patriotism every time somebody burns a flag, then scream patriotism, but don't have a double standard and scream patriotism while having a Confederate flag.  Also, don't bring me that heritage argument.  Again, that argument may have merit in the south, but we left that group!  If you want to be a Confederate supporter, move to one of the southern states and time travel before they surrendered about 150 years ago.

Guns Don't Change Government, Bullets Do...you know who else abides by that motto.  ISIS.  So if you want to support terrorism, keep your back window filled with those stickers.

The bottom line is, ignorance was on display in the parking lot today.