We're coming back!  Be sure to check out myself, Tiff, Jay, and Lawrence starting this week.  This show is the reincarnation of the Lee & Tiff Comedy Hour, but with a new format.  The show will still be a talk show, and it will still include your favorite set of people in this world, but it will only be a 30 minute show, and we are considering the show "rated O."  Now, dial your minds down a little, not that "O."  The O stands for office.

We listened to the feedback we got from some people, shout out to Rachel for being the first to point it out, then when I asked other people about it, they agreed.  We are creating a show that will be for adults, about adult-ish things, but you'll be able to listen to the show over your speakers at work if you so please, without the risk of a coworker overhearing the foul language or content that can cause issues.  We'll be watching the f-bombs, among countless other words, so you don't have to worry about a boss or client walking in and being judgy.  Instead, you'll be able to thoroughly enjoy this show, and even share it with your friends and coworkers.

We look forward to providing you with a new, easy to listen to format, and a show that's equally entertaining and thought provoking.  We'd love to hear feedback about the show as we move along.  Without the listeners, we're just four weirdoes cramming into a recording booth made for 2 people, for 30 minutes a week.  You can always get in touch with me at leeh@leehalecomedy.com! You can find out a little more information at www.leehalecomedy.com/laughappalachia.  We will be broadcasting on Appalachian Independent Radio.  Be sure to check out their web site as well.