This weekend was an unforgettable one as far as my comedy career is concerned.  It marked the first time I've ever had paid gigs scheduled for a Friday and Saturday night out of town in the same weekend.  First up was the Elk's Country Club show in Lewisburg, West Virginia, followed by Saturday night's Waiteville, West Virginia, community center.

Friday night was perhaps the most fun I've ever had doing a show.  I was a little weary of the crowd, as it was an older crowd in a country club, and I was concerned about the crudeness of my act.  Turns out, the more fun we had on stage, the more the crowd enjoyed it.  We had moments such as Andy finding his "dad", a 50-50 raffle was going on during the show, which was a first for all three of us at a standup show, a woman in the back has a degenerate for a son, according to some comments she made, just to name a few.  The crowd was laughing right along with us the entire way and made for a great night.  We look forward to coming back to Lewisburg again and hopefully the crowd will be there to have as much fun as we all did this past one.

The Saturday night show was definitely a unique one.  It's a little awkward to do standup in what amounts to a room full of my friends and family.  Fortunately, everybody seemed to have a great time as Andy and Jacob were hilarious, which is always the case.  I'd like to personally thank everybody who came out and joined us for some laughs.

I think I can speak for everybody that is involved with the Tall Boys Comedy Tour in extending a huge thank you to the Lewisburg Elk's Country Club and the residents of Waiteville for having us!  We look forward to doing it again in the future!

Be sure to check out this weekend's West Virginia Comedy Festival, as all three of the Tall Boys Comedy Tour members are featured in the West Virginia Stand-up Comedy Showcase.  Jacob is on stage Friday night, while Andy and myself go on Saturday night.  Then stick around to catch the No Pants Players as we are the Saturday night headliner!