Today I want to talk about my current favorite baseball players.  I'm a huge Atlanta Braves fan, so I have nothing else that's positive to talk about in the baseball world.  It's not like you couldn't tell I'm a Braves fan from this list or anything.

#5) Freddie Freeman - This guy is awesome.  He's a career Brave, and he's a really good average hitter and player.  My favorite Freeman story is the one about him getting stuck in the snow and Chipper Jones having to come rescue him.  By the way, if this list was a few years older, Chipper would definitely be on it.

#4) Manny Machado - He's just so good, defensively and offensively.  He has 80 home runs already, and he's just 23.  That's the side that hasn't even made me a fan, although he is on my fantasy team and I have no intentions of letting him go.  If you want to see why I'm such a fan, check out this video.

#3) Craig Kimbrel - A former Brave, which is where I first thought he was amazing as a closer.  I remember when he first came up, I was a big Jonny Venters fan and couldn't figure out why this Kimbrel fellow was the closer when Venters was so good.  I now know.  I wish he hadn't ended up with a team I dislike as much as I do the Red Sox, but him and Brian McCann, who barely missed this list, give me a reason to watch the Yankee-Red Sox games.

#2) Andrelton Simmons - Another former Brave.  Also, in my opinion, the best fielder in all of baseball.  His bat isn't the greatest, but he's currently a career .250 hitter.  That's ok considering all the runs he has saved in his lifetime.

#1) Jeff Francoeur - The man with the golden right arm and the penchant for swinging at any pitch within three feet of the plate.  He's bounced around a few times, but look at that arm.

You can watch this video of outfield assists.

Or this video of him sending opposing fans pizza for entertaining him with their heckling.

His Kansas City 2011 season was pretty great.  20+ home runs, 20+ steals, a .285 batting average.  He's never been an all star, but that doesn't keep him from being my favorite player.

Yes, I know, I'm a Braves fan and it shows.