The Tall Boys Comedy Tour has been on a tear this spring.  We are now seven counties into our Tall Boys Comedy Tour of West Virginia.  We could use some help!  We originally set out to do a show in every county in the state and we are looking for venues.

We don't care if it's a 1,000 theater or a barn that can have 100 people sitting around listening to us.  All we ask is that we have a fun audience and alcohol available.  Even if there isn't alcohol available, we'll pack up a case of Budweiser and be on our way.  We would really enjoy doing a fundraiser for a good cause, just keep in mind, our comedy is of the adult variety, and is not suitable for children in a school setting or something like that.  Fire Departments would be wonderful, as growing up in a house with a volunteer fire chief of a Dad and Mom being a volunteer rescue squad captain, I appreciate all the work you guys do in that line of work.  Just feel free to email me at  You can check out more information about the tour at (or just click the Tall Boys Comedy Tour link at the top of this page).  Much appreciation to anybody that helps us spread the word so we can bring our comedy to a location near you!