Tired of the same old same old Office Christmas party?  So are all of your employees.  If you want to spice things up, be sure to contact me at leeh@leehalecomedy.com to get some much needed comedic relief around the holidays.

Hosting an awards banquet - Stop making that power point that is the generic setup that everybody recognizes.  Also, don't worry about cheering up the room with a joke that probably won't go over so well.  Leave that up to the professional (ahem, that's me).  I can work with you on making an awards banquet both entertaining and highly rewarding for the people receiving the rewards.  This could be highly personalized depending on how much you can work with me.  If not, go back to making your boring power point and let everybody in the office talk about how bad your joke about Bob was.

Improv - The No Pants Players improv troupe gets their ideas for the show from the audience and each show is customized to the people in attendance.  This is great, and several offices have already hired us for this year and in years past.  This is a unique way to spice things up with spending thousands on a band.

Stand-up Comedy - I can either perform or put you in touch with a comedian that I would recommend for your event.  Depending on the comedians schedule, you could have 30 minutes of prime local talent making your office laugh and laugh and have something to talk about around that water cooler for months.