A quick guide to the internet's most visited web sites for old people who may be confused:

This list is straight from Alexa reporting on Wikipedia for the top 5 web sites that are visited in the United States (sorry Google, but Google India doesn't get you listed twice).

1. Google - This is the closest thing to an omniscient thing there is on the internet.  If you are confused by the word omniscient, you can type it into that little space on Google's web site, press the search button, or for people over 50, the "magnifying glass looking thingie."

2. YouTube - A web site for you to watch videos ranging from the latest TV highlights to incompetent idiots having somewhere to spew their venomous stupidity that people buy into as fact.  Please note, a lot of people on here are crazy, so don't believe everything you see on here.  Actually, don't believe the majority of things on here.

3. Facebook - A place to see your grandkids pictures that you wish you had never seen then comment on them so they can permanently scar your grandkids with the realization that their grandma was once a normal aged person who is judging you at every click.

4. Yahoo! - Part Google, but not as good, part agenda news and fake ads posing as news articles with tremendous click bait skill (that is a headline that usually says something along the lines of "Watch this ordinary human that's relatable to you completely destroy this other thing that you may be interested in").

5. Amazon - Go shop here.  Order things to be delivered to your front door.  You will need that fancy credit card thing that links to your bank account.

Bonus (It was number 6). Wikipedia - Where Google sends you when it is confused.

Also, if you are not sure how to work any of these websites, avoid Reddit or Twitter.  It'll blow your mind.