Lee Hale Comedy and Fireside Bar & Lounge are proud to be hosting a Twitter style standup comedy battle to the death!  Ok, maybe not to the death, but there will be a contest and there will be $50 waiting on the winner.  It will be happening Friday, November 11th, at 10:00 pm.

Here are the basic rules:

  1. Jokes must be less than 140 characters (I will allow using shorthand, u instead of you, etc.)
  2. Jokes must be submitted in advance.
  3. There will be a preliminary round in which you tell 3 jokes.
  4. The judges will score your 3 jokes individually.
  5. The highest 3 rated jokes (only using the highest score for each person) go to the finals.
  6. The finals round consists of the 3 comedians, each tells 1 additional joke.
  7. The highest score of the finals round win $50 in cold hard cash!
  8. No stealing jokes.  Yes, Mitch Hedberg was hilarious, but you can't use them.
  9. Angie, you are allowed to use any tweet you've made up originally in the past, if you are around to compete.

You can submit jokes by either private messaging me on Facebook with the jokes or by emailing me at LeeH@LeeHaleComedy.com.  Feel free to ask any questions, except is I think a joke is funny or not.  I will not be providing any feedback.  You don't have to be a seasoned comedian to enter.  I'll accept anybody that wants to submit 4 original jokes.

Please note, Twitter is not affiliated with this show in any way.

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