There's a big wreck on the interstate a few miles ahead and the highway is essentially a parking lot that moves 50 feet at a time every few minutes.  We've all been there.  It always sucks.  Although, it doesn't suck as badly as the ones that were in the wreck to back it up.  Anyways, you sit in traffic and a few cops, ambulances, and fire trucks drive past you up the shoulder.  This is all fine and dandy.

Then it happens, some jerk face comes up with what he thinks is a genius move to save him time, so he whips out and follows these vehicles and just drives up the shoulder to try to get to an exit, sometimes as far as a few miles away.  Congratulations, you complete waste of life and detriment to society, I now hate you.  Sure, there's a chance that person is rushing to a hospital because they have a pregnant lady giving birth, or because little Jimmy broke his finger, but it's a very very very small chance.  More likely than not, it's some run of the mill piece of trash who thinks he is more important than everybody else and doesn't have time to waste on sitting in traffic jams and allowing the traffic to flow in an orderly fashion to help everybody move along more quickly.  These are the same people who usually drive 90 mph on the interstate and swerve across all the lanes constantly passing people.  There's a special circle of Hell for you.

My solution is to straddle the white line and block people from being able to do this.  Unless they flash some blue or red lights at me, I'm not letting you through.  To the truck-drivers who block the shoulder from these degenerates, I would like to say, "Thank you!"

This may not seem like a bad idea to you, but here's the thing.  The shoulder should be used by emergency crews getting to the accident and by them alone.  If you're 30 feet from the exit lane and only dip off the interstate to get there when there isn't a line, that's fine as well.  Everybody else can just sit in line.  You're probably not that important, and if a few of you do this and cause another jam at the exit, or even worse, try to just pass people then merge back into the lane, you could be backing up the only available lane for emergency crews to help injured people.  Then the blood of that accident is on your hands.

The moral of the story, if you think driving for a mile on the shoulder is a good idea, I genuinely wish you terrible 2017!  Have nice day...and don't be an idiot.