The West Virginia Department of Education should do something amazing to make being a teacher awesome and save state funding at the same time.  They already have a program in place that pays teachers based on a bunch of factors, but a lot of teachers work 9 months (give or take) out of the year.  The rest of the time, the state should allow local businesses and people to sponsor teachers.

Here's an example, but before you start reading this, keep in mind this is all random, I have no clue what the carpentry teachers are like in Beckley, nor do I know if finding good carpenters is a hard task in Beckley, this is just random thinking:

The average teacher makes around $40,000 in West Virginia (that's an unverified number found from a quick Google search, but for this example, it doesn't have to be perfect).  Now, $40,000 is not a great salary, but you can live on it.  Let's say a business in Beckley is having a hard time finding highly qualified carpenters.  The local school doesn't have the funding to buy the proper materials or hire a qualified shop teacher that can teach the kids how to perform quality construction tasks.  So a company, let's just say Silverpoint Homes in Beckley, needs quality carpenters to build quality houses.

So, Silverpoint can go out and work with the board of education and say, "We found this amazing teacher from out of state that could teach our kids exactly what they need."  This school could then say, well, we can't afford him, and Silverpoint could pony up $10,000 a year extra for 5 years and they could hire the shop teacher of their dreams, making the local kids better at carpentry.

Seeing the great publicity that Silverpoint Homes is getting from investing in the local children, so White Pines Manufactured Homes wants to get involved, because they would also benefit from great carpenters.  They have already paid the teacher, but the teacher has said they could use better materials to teach the kids construction practices.  White Pines could donate the materials to build a small home.  The kids then spend a year building this home.

Now you have a competitive carpentry market, and kids coming out of school have the trade skills to build the houses in Beckley, and they can ship these houses all over West Virginia and Beckley is suddenly profiting from a housing market.

I understand I have over simplified a lot of complex issues, but I think this is a fun idea.  Plus, teachers could wear sponsor uniforms like they do in NASCAR, and everybody would have fun with this seeing all the brands that are supporting them.