I wrote last fall that I was going to have a new beginning in comedy (and life), to a degree.  Phase 1 was to cut the fat out a little.  I left two things I loved doing, improv with the No Pants Players and recording my old radio show Laugh Appalachia.  Once that was done, I wanted to get rested up and recharged.

That step took a little longer than I thought.  I figured I would take the Christmas holidays and relax on a long vacation.  That went well, but I was still tired when I came back.  I decided I needed to continue to get my energy back by resting a little longer.  Well, here we are almost 4 months after my sabbatical began and I finally feel like it's time to get back to comedy!  I've been lackadaisically writing, but it's time to kick that back into gear.

Comedy isn't the only area I needed to upgrade.  I got fat last year.  Too much doing things that weren't active, eating whatever I want, and way too much stress.  I'm hitting the reset button.  I went to bed super early last night and got up early this morning, got in a light workout, ate a filling breakfast, and have had a great morning of work.

Throughout this process, I'm going to use my blog as a journal of sorts.  So, I won't be sharing a lot of the stuff I write through social media and advertising like I do when I'm promoting a show, but be sure to come back to my site for more updates with how things are going.  Since this is my comedy blog, I'm going to focus on the comedy/work/life balance.  People talk about work/life balance like it's the key to a happy hippy-dippy life, but the life of being a comedian that isn't a complete professional yet, which is what I amsince I have a day job, can have a grind to it.