As I've gotten fatter and fatter, I've been reading all kinds of health strategies and diet plans and workout plans.  Combining my knowledge of this stuff from my past, knowing how out of shape I am, and knowing how likely I am to stick with extreme changes, I'm going to do my own thing while incorporating what I think are great aspects of a lot of the things I've read.

The weight loss program I'm taking place in is through Healthy Wage, which is essentially a gambling site for healthy stuff instead of sports and card games.  I'm betting on myself to lose 40 pounds over 6 months.  I started and weighed in (more on that later) at 276.8 pounds.  My goal is to be 236.8 pounds by December 12th.  That's especially tough, because my birthday is right before then and, you know, Thanksgiving is the best meal ever every year.

I'm going to attempt to phase in different weight loss goals based on what I'm seeing in my habits as time progresses.  For example, if I set one of my goals as drink more water and one of my later goals was going to be drink less sweet tea (because it's really the best thing to drink in the world), maybe I won't have to have that goal later because drinking more water made me drink less and less naturally.  I'm going to break this thing into 2 week periods.  The first period started yesterday and the goal is to be more active.  That sounds broad, but I'm going to expand on that in a later post.  All I know is I'm going to be putting my downtown Orlando YMCA membership to work for the next 6 months!