Let me start this thing off with a short run down of how I got here...a few years ago I stopped playing in rec leagues all the time, becoming less active. Between that, working in an office setting, and eating whatever I feel like all the time, I've gone from about 220 pounds 4 years ago to my pants not fitting.

Last week, I discovered the web site Healthy Wage. Essentially, you are betting on yourself to lose weight for an extended period of time. In my case, I pay a set amount monthly for 6 months and if I lose as much or more pounds than I bet I would, I get my money back plus an additional 35%.

The first thing to do was figure out where I wanted to be in order to set my goal.  I felt like I was around 280 pounds (I'm 6'-6", just for reference). I would like to be under 240 for the start of 2019.  I always heard that 2 pounds per week was a high, bu doable, goal. Since I decided to do a 6 month run at this thing, that would be 26 weeks. The 26 weeks with a 40 pound goal means I need to be losing a little over a pound and a half per week.

I'm going to try to post my strategy, which is subject to change as I move throughout the process and update everybody on how it's going. I'm going to focus on a new strategy every two weeks, and once I complete the first one, I continue doing that and add the second one and so on. I will be posting a lot on Twitter and may even get into this Instagram thing.  Here's where you can find additional, and shorter, updates.