So, for keto day 4, (two days ago, I know I'm behind, but I'll get caught up). I decided I would make something very keto specific, but otherwise probably not great for you, low carb cheesecake and a bacon lattice pizza. The cheesecake was primarily cream cheese and the bacon lattice was covered in cheese and veggies, so it sounded delicious as well.

To start, I was going to make the pizza and prep the cheesecake while it was cooking. Now, don't get started on the "Men in the kitchen," bullshit. I can hold my own. I'm not a great cook, but I can make some really delicious items. So, I followed the directions and had bought all of the ingredients as the list called for, but I was in a rush at the store so I would have time to cook at home.

Step one was to create the bacon lattice and bake it for 25 minutes. I had it going and started getting the mushrooms, peppers, onions, and black olives ready. Basically, it just substituted the crust with bacon, which sounds amazing. When I got the pizza sauce I had purchased out, I realized it had a ton of carbs in it, so I could only use a table spoon or two now and had to cut back some of the veggies that are high in's looking at you, onions. Then I assumed that wasn't going to be enough food, so in a rush, I had some microwavable sausage links that I figured I could cut up and put on there. This ended up being a a cholesterol explosion on a plate. While it was somewhat good to eat, about three bites in I heard my heart proclaim, "What the hell are you doing to me?"

After a few bites, I ended up just getting rid of it. Now for the cheesecake. I've heard people proclaim that baking with eggs as a bonding agent didn't ruin foods and I know they are used in a lot cookies and other baked goods, but what I ended up with was some sort of disgusting egg custard/cheesecake mashup that tasted like shit.

While most of my meals this week have been pretty delicious, this evening was one to forget as soon as possible. You win some, you lose some.