Alright guys, I'm starting to get a little rhythm to this keto thing. It's becoming routine a little. It has only been 5 days, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. It isn't second nature, yet, but I'm getting there.

Yesterday I found a lunch hack of sorts. Frozen chicken breasts. I went for the skinless boneless Tyson brand chicken breasts. I also bought a pack of Publix Swiss cheese. Just microwaving a couple of chicken breasts with a slice of cheese on top of each is a surprisingly satisfying lunch. Not a lunch I'm necessarily looking forward to, but something that's decent and super convenient.

I also tried pre-making a 4 egg omelette last night. That was a good call. I wasn't sure how it would reheat, but it was good this morning. Plus, all that protein stays with you so you don't get hungry mid-day. I also found some unsweetened heavy cream whipped cream. It's carb free and makes office coffee drinkable without anything else in it.

All in all, I'm comfortable. I think the keto flu may be starting to begin, as I'm tired...but everybody told me it wouldn't start until about a week and a half in.

I tried a new restaurant last night. Too Much Sauce on Mills in Orlando. That will be a go-to. I thought the food was delicious and I replaced the rice with cauliflower rice. Honestly, not that big of a difference in jambalaya (which was awesome).

I'm was down to 261.8 pounds this morning. I only got 20 minutes in on the bike this morning because I was running late, but I still made it happen, which is key. Consistently getting off my ass seems to be helping a ton!