Well, that was quite the week…10 days really. 43 in burgers in 10 days is definitely something I’ll never forget. It was a terrible idea. The execution was even worse. Here’s the thing, I don’t regret anything. I had a blast. I tried new restaurants, met new people, discovered Instagram is kind of fun. There was a lot to like.

As is the problem with all good things, it had to come to an end. It’s definitely a good thing there was a 10 day limit on it. I’m not sure how much more my poor little heart could have taken. Here’s a few things to remember that I think people didn’t fully understand:

  1. I’m not a food critic. Every burger I had was at least good. Obviously, some were better than others, but I’ll chalk most of that up to personal preference.

  2. I do have a list of burgers that stood out to me. While I’m happy to say I did believe Bites & Bubbles had the best burger, Rusteak, Teak, Grand Cypress, The Waterfront, and a few others really jumped out.

  3. I will not be having a burger for a while. My ticker needs a break.

  4. Eating six burgers in a day is a tall order, even when you are 260 pounds, but the most challenging part of this was the logistics. Working 8:00-5:00 while trying to keep things in line there, then going to all these places squeezed in for lunch and dinner made it a busy week.

  5. I feel like I had been in a funk, and even as “dumb” as this challenge issued by my coworkers may seem, it was a boost to my mood. Sometimes a simple change or challenge (and winning it) can be great.

Other than that, the biggest question or comment I’ve heard needs to be addressed. I will most definitely not be doing this again. No chance. I will participate in Burger Week next year, but maybe only have 5 or 10, not 43.