comedy Variety show?  What does that even mean?

Lip sync battles, games, stand-up, one liners, or even comedic magic, we have everything!  Everybody knows what standup comedy is.  It's a person with a microphone speaking to you about, hopefully, funny topics.  We have a few minutes of that, thanks to one of the best around, Ian Nolte.  We also have another person telling jokes, albeit in an unconventional way, with Twitter savant Angela Davis.  Seriously, click here to check her Twitter feed out.  Over 20,000 people are following her, and that isn't enough.   There will also be a little bit of comedian magic going on thanks to Brian Hatcher.  Brian isn't going to perform some type of comedy trick to make you laugh, the guy is literally going to perform a magic trick, and it's going to be pretty weird and funny all at the same time.  It will be a large cast type of comedy show the area has never seen before.  Oh, and myself and local living legend, Andy Frampton, will be hosting the night and doing all kinds of stupid stuff that will either make you laugh with us or laugh at us.  We don't really care, as long as you are laughing, we are happy.  Ok, I'll be happy.  Andy is never happy, unless somebody gets hurt.  And gauging the types of games we are going to be playing, that could very well happen to me.  Andy's beard is made out of steel wool.  He could poke my eye out with that thing.  There will also be an amazing lip sync battle as four contestants fight for a cash prize and your heart. 

the hosts

Andy Frampton is a powerhouse comedian.  Whether he is on the roads of Appalachia traveling to tell his ridiculous tales of debauchery performing standup or hosting his regular Tuesday Boozeday series at the Blue Parrot in downtown Charleston, Andy is going to make you laugh.  He will be combining with his fellow Tall Boys Comedy Tour member, me.  If you've not familiar with me, welcome to my web site, and you can click on the bio section to get more information about me. 

Feel free to print this poster and put it up at anywhere you please!  It prints best on 11"x17" paper.


Of course, this show couldn't happen without the above performers taking their turns making it amazing!

Ian nolte

From hosting the open mic night at Black Sheep Burrito in Huntington, WV, twice a month to placing as the runner-up in the WV Liars Contest in both 2015 and 2016, Ian makes people laugh hysterically every time he takes the stage.  Ian can kill a crowd with a delivery that is truly as unique as it gets.

Angie davis

Angie tweets.  Then she tweets again.  Occasionally she gets on stage and does standup.  For this show, she will combining her talents and telling us jokes.  Only, her jokes will come one line at time.  Think of her as the Andy Richter to our Conan.  Not in style, or in any other way, other than the fact that we will go to her randomly and ask her to deliver a one liner, most likely about her love affair with David Duchovny or her life.  She's funny.  Stop trying to read too much into this description.

brian hatcher

Probably the most unique act of this bunch.  A member of the No Pants Players Improv Comedy troupe, Brian also does several other types of performances.  He does a style of magic that is loosely based on comedy...or a style of comedy that is loosely based on magic.  There's magic and there's comedy.  Also, there's definitely a laugh and a few ohhs and ahhs.

to be announced

There will most likely be some other acts added to this lineup.  There will be music and most likely improv.  There will definitely be a lip sync battle with as the contestants compete for a cash prize!


The Alban Arts and Conference Center is located in St. Albans, West Virginia.  They have an awesome theatre to perform in.  Check out more information about the venue at their web site:


Good, you want tickets.  At this point, you're out of luck.  However, ticket sales will go on sale January 15th.   I would highly recommend staying in touch with this web site and my Facebook page for updates.  There's twitter as well.  Seating is limited and this is a one time show, so take advantage of presales to make sure you get a seat.  I look forward to seeing you all on February 25th.

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